Modern Industries

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."
Charles Darwin



The history of Hertel Modern is one of constant change in which it has displayed its ability to adapt quickly to market conditions and to take up business opportunities as well as innovation to deliver low risk outcomes for high profile projects and clients.

The company has successfully completed works for government utilities, public and private companies in Australia and the Pacific Rim for over 25 years.

 It began as Mathews Metals in 1981 and soon became a leader in the insulation industry in Western Australia. The commercial group, manufacturing and installing HVAC ducting, was involved in nearly all of the major high rise and building developments in the Perth CBD, a record of achievement that continues to this day.

Several name changes to over the years from Modern Mathews to Modern Industries in 1992 and now in 2010 to Hertel Modern have not changed the focus on delivery of exemplary customer service.  


The LNG focus

The mid eighties saw the development of opportunities for the major cryogenic insulation contracts on the giant North West Shelf LNG project for Woodside and this brought about a joint venture with a UK company whose backing was then required to take on such a major contract.

 The local WA knowledge and experience gained in executing the LNG contracts made the company one of the most diverse insulation contractors in Australia.

From 1990 the company continued to grow this LNG experience and performed major insulation contracts for other key clients such as Conoco Phillips, Alcoa and Wesfarmers in Australia as well as for Petronas in Malaysia.

Modern Industries expertise in the state-of-the-art cryogenic insulatino work in its own right was recognied with further works for Oswal Group's Burrup Fertiliser Plant Project near Karratha, WA in 2005 and 2006, the worlds largest ammonia plant.

Hertel Modern continues to provide the specialist cryogenic insulation maintenance services to these operations.


mechanical contracting

 In 2005, the decision was made to expand into mechanical contracting services for industrial and resources projects with the appointment of a new Managing Director in mid 2006 after 25 years under the leadership of the founding director.

Under the new leadership, by the end of 2007 the company was performing mechanical contracts in WA and NSW for clients such as Fortescue Metals Group (Iron Ore), Energy Developments Limited (Power) and Straits Resources Limited (Gold, Copper) including train unloaders, gold, copper and vanadium process plants and power generation units.


Access Services

In January 2008, Modern Access Services Pty Ltd was founded with the participation of what is arguably the most experienced scaffold management team in the resources business in Australia.

This was a major development for the company and within 12 months of starting, the new team had secured over AUD$250m of contracts for projects in Thailand, Singapore and Australia for such companies as Woodside, ExxonMobil, Citic Pacific, Bovis Lend Lease and others.

 All this was achieved in a period known as the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the success of the business outstripped all other activities of the group.

Given the various other initiatives the company was involved with, the decision was taken to sell the scaffolding business in May 2009 and allow the group to move up the technology ladder.   


Rail Infrastructure

In October 2009, after more than 12 months research and development into the sector, Modern Industries Rail (MIR) was established and began competing for contracts in the specialised rail signalling market.

 Its unique service offering, is a "one stop shop" inclusive of civil, mechanical, electrical and signalling construction, installation and maintenance work, thus eliminating the contract interfaces experienced with having to engage and co-ordinate several smaller contractors and offers a more efficient outcome on terms of safety, schedule, cost and quality.

This capability has enabled the business to grow rapidly and Hertel Modern Rail (HMR) has secured a number of presitious contracts in Melbourne with further opportunities being explored in NSW and WA where Government spending on infrastructure improvement is already well underway.  Qld and SA will follow.

The Melbourne HMR team is highly experienced in the specialised field of rail signalling works and continues the company tradition of co-operative contracting to help our clients meet their objectives in the most efficient manner.


Hertel arrives in Australia

 In 2010, Hertel BV celebrated 115 years of service to industry having been founded in 1895 in Amsterdam.

In July 2010 Hertel acquired a 51% share in the company from the retiring Shareholders with the objective of adding value to the service offering across the board and, in particular, servicing the growing LNG and Offshore sector in Australia and South East Asia.

The name was changed to Hertel Modern to reflect the interest.  


Hertel Modern Offshore

In December 2010, Hertel Modern acquired the Aibel Australia business (previously ABB Oil & Gas Australia), a company that historically was resonsible for all of ABB's construction activities in Australia, including the construction of Woodside's Otway Gas Plant in Victoria.

The strategic acquisition was driven by the desire to rapidly and efficiently expand our capability in the LNG (Oil & Gas) market and has significantly strengthened our engineering and mechanical contracting capability in this field.

As part of the acquisition, Vermilion Oil & Gas extended a term maintenance contract on its Wandoo A & B Platforms for a further 5 years.


Into the Future

Hertel Modern is now structured to meet the current and foreseeable future demands of the diverse environments in which it works and will continues to build on its rich history and hard earned experience to meet its objectives of zero harm, fit for purpose quality delivered on time and budget to produce a minimum risk outcome for its clients and all its stakeholders.